Re: cast iron toilet flange on cement basement floor
Posted by Charles Goodman on November 19, 19100 at 15:57:18:
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: My basement is roughed in for a toilet, with cast iron pipe.
: I have a nice clean hole in the concrete that is about 5/8" wider than the cast iron pipe
: all the way around the opening.
: I will be installing laminate flooring, approx 1/4 inch thick.

: I have two questions.

: 1) Can i moount the flange right on the concrete, and run the floor up to it? this will result in top of the flange
: being flush with the floor or maybe a hair higher than the floor.

: 2) The space (air space) between the casst iron pipe and the edge of the concrete will not really allow me to
: fasten the flange to the cement floor. How can I remedy this problem? How can I attach the flange to the
: flooor>

: Thanks for any ideas or advice

It's a piece of cake!! Measure the inside diameter of the cast iron pipe. It probably is 4". Go to a plumbing supply house (Noland, Ferguson Enterprise, Steinhouse, etc.) and ask for a PVC flange that slips inside the pipe and has a rubber gasket that expands inside the pipe when you tighten the bolts. Go ahead and put down your finished floor, tightly against the outside of the cast-iron pipe and allow the flange to be on top of the finished floor. Then drill 4 ea. holes in the concrete (thru the holes in the flange) and use "Tapcon" masonry screws to anchor the flange to the floor.
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