Copper or metal shower walls
Posted by David Rosenberg on November 19, 19100 at 10:46:22:
First I must say that whatever I do I will hire a licensed plumber and remodeler to do the work.

I have a bathtub that I want to replace with a shower. I want the shower to be flush against the walls of the bathroom so that I would have a shower space of 36" X 72" .

I have a friend who is a professional welder. He said he could weld me shower walls made of copper sheets.

Do you have any suggestions about whether this an OK material to use?

Can it be used for a shower floor as well?

What would the thickness of the copper sheets be?

How would the copper sheet adhere to the wall of the bathroom? Would the copper sheets have to be bolted into the wall? And if they have to be bolted into the wall isn't this an exit point for water to get behind the shower?

How expensive are these copper sheets relative to using a material like granite?

Any recommendations would be appreciated as well as any directions for installation that I can take to the welder, a plumber and a remodeler.

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