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: I'm a reporter at the Sacramento Bee in California, and I'm doing a story for this Monday (11-20) about how the Thanksgiving weekend can be one of the busiest of the year for plumbers. I'm looking for anecdotes that any plumbers may have about unusual occurrences they have encounted at this time of year. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks

Generally at Holiday time is when everyone comes together at Momma's or Grammas house and stays a day or two. Usually Grammas house is a two bedroom one bath house with a 3/4 inch galvanized water supply line. Gramma usually takes her bath about 9 am. The visiting professional kids don't want to interrupt grammas routine so they get up and shower earlier 7ish (40 gallons each) and then shower the two kids (40 gallons each) so that grampa and gramma can bathe at 9 (20 gallons each) and this goes into the normally wonderfully operating septic tank. Which starts to bubble and drain slow. Repeat this at night except gramma and grampa wait till morning to bathe, and repeat three days. When the kids are ready for Thanksgiving, the septic tank overflows. The pumper guy is called at 10 am, arrives at 11 digs eight holes to try to find the tank, gets frustrated breaks the aging 3/4 inch water line at 3:30 pm and by that time has put in his 8 hour day and wants to go home. Of course the dispatch office wants him to start with the billable overtime hours and the septic tank pumping adds the odors de fume' to the holiday. Of Course the pumper then wants to bring in a bill for six hundred dollars, and the professional kids are shocked that Gramma has to pay such a big bill.

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