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Posted by Jeffrey Stewart on November 18, 19100 at 23:29:53:
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: I just built a home that we have not yet moved in to. The water passed the potability test in order for the builder to get the c of o. However, there is a horrible "rotten egg" smell to the water that does not seem to be going away by running the water, which is what the builder suggested. I have oil heat with a hot water heater and well water. Do you have any suggestions on what might be causing this problem and how we can get rid of it? Can you please send your response to my email address. Thanks

I too have a sulfer odor in my well water. I'm in a new construction thats only 3 months old. I have a Water Pro Softner system that removed the hardness and Iron. The odor just began to show and within the last few weeks came on very strong. Hot and Cold. What caused this to happen and what can I do (also) to get rid of this problem.
If you could, please copy a post to my email address too.

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