air hammer
Posted by Anita clifford on November 18, 19100 at 08:09:31:
Our house is 2 years old. Sometimes, at night, when the toilet is flushed, there is tremendous air hammer sound and the entire bathroom sounds like it is going to come apart. There are 2 sinks, a shower with a temperature balancing valve, a low flow toilet, a tub. Looking outside, I see 1 vent on the roof above where the sinks are.

1. Could the plumbers have left something out and could that be why I seem to have air hammer?
2. Our area is under water use restriction and people are only allowed to water once/week. Could this in some way be causing the air hammer?
3. Could this in any way be dangerous?
4. What can I do to stop this?
Thanks for your advice.

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