leaking tub 101
Posted by carol on November 17, 19100 at 23:13:07:
Water from a second story tub has been leaking thru the ceiling onto the kitchen table. that bath was not used for a few years, and now is in regular use, but it does not seem to leak every time--in fact, infrequently. The faucet end of this tub is up against another upstairs tub, so I don't think there is access that way. I realize I might have to put a hole in the kitchen ceiling but would prefer to try some other things first? would a snake and some sort of drain seal work? how do you use a snake?
(I have NEVER done a plumbing job but am an out-of-work single mom who has learned roofing, caulking, painting, water heater and water pump repairs, so I am willing to try!)

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