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Posted by hj on November 17, 19100 at 08:21:16:
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Do you mean drive a sand point well? If so, the first requirement is that the water table has to be less than 20 feet.The pump can draw up to 27 feet, but you would probably not get any volume at that depth. Then you need some hefty helpers to pound the pipe into the ground. Since you would not be able to et up 24 to beat on a full length of pipe, you will have to cut it into managable lengths and thread them. You also need "drive couplings" to connect the pieces together. Regular couplings would not stand up to the abuse of driving the pipe into the ground. As far as freezing, that would depend on your situation. A heater, or light bulb, in the pump house will protect it, but you might need underwater heaters for the cistern.

: I'm looking for information on how to tap a sand point well in layman's terms with specifics on what I need to buy etc.and exactly what I have to do. I want an outdoor sistern (unsure of the spelling) pump for horses. I live in MN so I am concerned with freezing also. I have seen them at other farms so I know they exist. I have been looking for info on the web to no avail. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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