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Posted by Brian Marks CWS-I on November 15, 19100 at 22:56:11:
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Dean,If the iron is oxidized, (discolored right out of the faucet) it can be filtered with either a greensand filter or a cartridge type. To speculate without a water test would be futile. If you have some dissolved (clear iron) It must be oxidized and filtered with a greensand filter, or removed with a water softener. My company provides water testing for free, and we also sell home water testing kits for under $35.00. We have filters, softeners, and greensand filters available at wholesale prices at our website. I would be happy to help you with your problem whether you buy something from us or not. If you e-mail me your address, I can send you a sample bottle for testing your water. Also, you can try calling your municipal water provider for information on the water quality analysis. They have to provide you with it. Our toll free help line is 1-888-476-6932

: I've been considering a whole house water filter for some time, but I thought I'd ask the experts before I go off half cocked
: We are on a municipal well system, and the taste is fine, but I've always noticed a yellow tinge when looking at/through large volumes of water (a filled stockpot, filled washing machine). Rusty stains on our shower floor also help me believe that rust/iron is a culprit.

: First off, is there a reasonably priced, reliable testing service that could analyze a sample of my water & help me determine ALL potential problem areas? Second, assuming it is rust/iron, will a good sediment filter help, or do I need to get into the MUCH more expensive "greensand" filters that I've discovered in my research, or are there other types of filters that I haven't read about yet that will work? If I go with a sediment filter, (I'd probably go with a 20" version) can they be mounted sideways (input/output pipes running vertically), or would I have to use elbows to mount it horizontally. It seems that all sediment filters are the same (especially the housings). Am I wrong? Are some brands better than others, especially with the filter cartridges?

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