Re: Shower diverter repair is killing me!
Posted by Charles Goodman on November 15, 19100 at 20:25:03:
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: I am trying to remove the front seat on a 1960's three piece shower diverter valve. I haven't had luck finding a stem sealing washer (not an O ring, it is about 3/8 deep by 3/8" O.D.and is either threaded or appears that way after years of seating). The stem retainer has a white plastic washer that is also threaded outside for the "appearance cap" to screw onto. The knobs said Noland but one plumber said he didn't think it was and the noland place didn't have any washers. I can try to take and post a picture if you want it.

: The seat that retains the stem has 2 slots 180 degrees apart that I guess are used to remove it. I am gonna look for that tool if there is such a thing. Does anyone have any idea what brand this might be or how I can determine that. I know this isn't a very good description. Thanks

Here's a simple way to fiind out what brand faucet you have and the parts to fix it. Remove an entire stem, hot or cold, and take it to Lowes' or your local hardware store. Lowes' has a line of plumbing products called "Danco". There is a template at the display that you can hold your stem next to to get the length and several slots to try your "broach" (the splined end of stem, where handle fits) in. These "broach" slots are identified with "letters" (A,B,C,D,etc.) The length mark tells you what section of (Picture Perfect) book to begin looking looking for a picture of your stem. The broach "letter" will let you skip several pages and go directly to the page that has stems with "your stem broach" size. Once you locate a picture of your stem, you can know what page in the parts book to look at, and all the parts will be listed....washer size, packing size, bonnet nut, seat number, etc. I personally have a set of the Danco books and gauges and have saved hours in identifying stems and finding their parts.
Good luck!

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