Water Quality & Filtration-HELP!
Posted by Dean Smith on November 15, 19100 at 16:32:19:
I've been considering a whole house water filter for some time, but I thought I'd ask the experts before I go off half cocked
We are on a municipal well system, and the taste is fine, but I've always noticed a yellow tinge when looking at/through large volumes of water (a filled stockpot, filled washing machine). Rusty stains on our shower floor also help me believe that rust/iron is a culprit.

First off, is there a reasonably priced, reliable testing service that could analyze a sample of my water & help me determine ALL potential problem areas? Second, assuming it is rust/iron, will a good sediment filter help, or do I need to get into the MUCH more expensive "greensand" filters that I've discovered in my research, or are there other types of filters that I haven't read about yet that will work? If I go with a sediment filter, (I'd probably go with a 20" version) can they be mounted sideways (input/output pipes running vertically), or would I have to use elbows to mount it horizontally. It seems that all sediment filters are the same (especially the housings). Am I wrong? Are some brands better than others, especially with the filter cartridges?

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