Turning a 1/2 bath into a full bath in a poured slab basement
Posted by Stu on November 13, 19100 at 21:39:38:
I am remodeling my basement and I want to put a tub in a large half bath. My goal was to have the tub water drain into the toilet waste pipe. This seemed simple enough so I cut out the slab for a line from where the will be to the toilet waste line. I then cut an area large enough to work around the toilet area. The pipes coming into the toilet are 4" cast iron. The closet flange connects to a 90-degree elbow that connects into a 'Y' connector. There doesn�t seem to be any room to connect another pipe into the connection that is already there. I wanted to take out the 90 degree elbow and replace it with PVC, then connect another piece on top of that that would have a 2" pipe coming out from the side that would also hold the flange (a 4 x 4 x 2 piece). The problem arose when a noticed the 90-degree elbow went directly into a 'Y' connector. Is it possible to hook PVC to cast iron that has a bell on the end? If so, how do I remove the elbow? Can I use a torch to melt the Lead out? Any advice would be appreciated.

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