washing machine line backing up
Posted by george forlano on November 13, 19100 at 12:52:36:
I installed a 250 gal. plastic drywell 4 yrs. ago for my washing machine. it worked fine for 4 yrs. and now it backs up into laundry room. i had installed a stack pipe in it to treat it when needed. i dug it up and opened to cap on the pipe to see if clean water ran through the line to see if the line was clogged. water went through fine but i noticed when the water hit the bottom of the well lots of soap suds backed up through the stack pipe. i get one load of wash at a time and then it backs up. does the drywell need to be treated and also could the problem also be that the well should be vented to allow air to push water through. please help me.

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