Can I Convert the Push Tank Lever to Trip Type Lever ?
Posted by Victor Tan on November 13, 19100 at 00:18:14:
I have a problem. My toilet tank's flush lever is a push type. It's located on the left side of the tank (URC #3445 ). And to the left of this tank is a vanity cabinet.
A week ago I replaced this vanity cabinet with a slightly longer one.. I measured and have determined that it's not going to interfer with the tank but.... Even though the cabinet did not hit the tank, I didn't realize, however, that the cabinet is so close to the tank push lever. CONSEQUENTLY, I COULD NOT PUSH THE LEVER TO FLUSH THE TOILET.

Can I convert the 'push' type with a 'trip' type lever ?

If there is a conversion kit, my other problem is that because the cabinet is already installed, I have to remove the tank from the seat to able to place the new lever.

Pls advise me if there'S anything I should pay attention to when removing the tank ? Do I need to replace the old 2 bolts/screws/washers/gaskets with new ones when reinstalling the tank ?

I shall appreciate hearing from anyone for the answers.
Thank you.

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