Re: septic problem
Posted by Terry Love on November 12, 19100 at 20:05:49:
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: I have moved to a new house , for 2 days every drain worked fine. We just hooked up washer and did the first load of laundry and all this yuck is now standing in my 2 tubs and toilets and sinks. Help its sunday and i have tons of laundry to do.

It sounds like a backup on the main line. Is this a truly new home, or an older existing home that has been around a while. If it's new, the test cap or plug may still be in the line. This happens sometimes. Oh, never to me of course. But I have been sent out to trouble shoot homes where this has happened. A lovely job pulling toilet paper and "What the heck is this?" from out of the test cap while a whole house load of water is standing on the other end, and me with just a bucket in the crawl space to shield myself from the spraying "What the heck is this?" stuff.

If however, it is an older home, it may just be a blocked main line. Terry

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