Re: Toto Carlyle (MS87411S) versus Kohler Wellworth Lite
Posted by Terry Love on November 10, 19100 at 18:37:53:
In response to Re: Toto Carlyle (MS87411S) versus Kohler Wellworth Lite

: Terry,
: I have read your reviews on low-flow toilets, thanks for the extensive information. I had decided to replace my current toilets with the Toto Carlyle. My contractor says that the powerflush of the Toto's are very loud, and sound like the toilets in airports. I believe he might be pushing the Kohler because he is more familar with it, and possibly he gets a better price, hence a better profit margin. To be honest I don't care if it's a bit louder, if it's a superior unit. Put it this way, is the Toto loud enough to wake a child sleeping in a room across the hall from the bathroom?

Has your contractor been smoking dope? The Toto is quieter than most toilets. It is a little louder than the Kohler Wellworth, which sacrifices it's abilty to flush by the slow speed of the water leaving the bowl. I replace a lot of Kohler Wellworth toilets. They install them, I replace them. Terry

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