Re: Leaking trap at drain stubout
Posted by Terry Love on November 10, 19100 at 10:08:03:
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: I installed a new kitchen sink trap which resolved a leak caused by a gaping hole in the trap bend, however I was totally unable to remove the slip nut from the drain stubout. I was able to pull the old trap arm pipe out because it wasn't flanged and I was able to slide the new trap arm into the stubout, but it leaks. I suspect the proper solution is to replace the old slip nut with a new slip nut and washer, however I think the odds of getting that slip nut off without destroying the stubout are slim. Suggestions? These are brass pipes and fittings.

You can do it David. It will take mabe a 24" pipe wrench on the nut, and yes, it could ruin it, but most of the time not. The pipe section from the wall could suffer and need replacing but you won't know until you try. If the pipes are galvanized drain lines, be aware, that on many old kitchen lines, whatever caused the p-trap to rot out, is doing the same thing to your other drain lines. Kitchen plumbing takes a real beating. Terry

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