Re: Toto Drake vs. UltraMax
Posted by Terry Love on November 10, 19100 at 09:58:51:
In response to Re: Toto Drake vs. UltraMax

: Is the only difference between the Drake & the Ultramax that one is two piece and the other one?
: I remembered reading somewhere on here that some plumbers believe one (two piece or one in general)
: flushes better because the water falls farther from the tank in one of the styles.
: Also what about the elongated vs round question, does it really make a difference in the Totos?

The one comes in two pieces, the other two. That's the difference.

On some of the Toto models, the water is stacked higer, with a taller flush valve. Although all of the Toto toilets that use the 3" flush valve perform very well, the raised water versions do even better.

The shape of the bowl for these toilets only matters for comfort. I sell far, far more elongated than round. The man that invented round toilets should be shot. Terry

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