model number: sears water softner
Posted by csstone on November 10, 19100 at 00:19:25:
I am looking for the manual for a sears water softner. The model I have is a few years old and as a result the model info tag is unreadable. The only info I have is that on top it says "Sears automatic water conditioner" It is light cream in color, the salt tank is about 4 ft high and 17 in across the top, the other tank is the same hight and 9 in across, both tanks have a black and silver band around the top. As a water softner is new to me, I am trying to get a manual to help me if the thing ever breaks. Sears says they can give me a manual, but requires the model number to get the right manual. Anyone have any idea or one similiar that I can get the model nubmer off

Thanks bunch

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