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Posted by hj on November 09, 19100 at 23:39:52:
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No, the solution is to install new uncorroded pipes. The only reason to increase the sizes would be if you repipe with CPVC pipes which have a smaller hole in them than copper tubing or steel pipes of the same size.

: I live in an 85 year old house, with mostly old pipes. The water pressure is low. If we are using a shower and
: flush the toilet, the cold water in the shower goes down to a trickle.

: Upon investigating my pipes, I noticed that I have a 1 inch pipe coming in from the city water main, but
: immediately after the pipe enters my house, it is connected to the water meter which has a 3/4 inch pipe
: going in and out of the meter. After the meter, the pipe becomes 1 inch again. Could this reduction in
: size becausing the drop in pressure whenever we use two facuets at the same time?

: Is the solution increasing the size of our pipes through out the house?

: Thanks for your help.

: Bob

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