Water pressure
Posted by Bob on November 09, 19100 at 22:40:07:
I live in an 85 year old house, with mostly old pipes. The water pressure is low. If we are using a shower and
flush the toilet, the cold water in the shower goes down to a trickle.

Upon investigating my pipes, I noticed that I have a 1 inch pipe coming in from the city water main, but
immediately after the pipe enters my house, it is connected to the water meter which has a 3/4 inch pipe
going in and out of the meter. After the meter, the pipe becomes 1 inch again. Could this reduction in
size becausing the drop in pressure whenever we use two facuets at the same time?

Is the solution increasing the size of our pipes through out the house?

Thanks for your help.

Bob Balanoff@uss.net

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