Basement bathroom, novice needs information quick!
Posted by Maryann-NE on November 09, 19100 at 17:17:23:
My question I sure is a silly one, but I'm trying to gain some knowledge to try to draw a plan
for my basement refinishing project. Is a life station, sewer ejector and an "up flush" toilet all the same
thing. My problem is that where the bathroom is roughed in in my new basement is not where I want
my bathroom to be. I don't think the septic lines are above the basement floor it is just that my
husband does not want to tear up concrete or have someone else do it in our basement. I'm trying
to get a floor plan I can live with without tearing up concrete. In order to install a toilet, shower and
sink without a roughed in bathroom what do I need. Again, is an up-flush toilet different than a life station or
sewer injection, please help a novice convince my husband that the floor plan can be changed.

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