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Posted by Charles goodman on November 08, 19100 at 18:13:11:
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: Over 250 feet of our Orangeburg Pipe sewer line has collapsed. Is there any recourse out there now that Orangeburg has been bought out? we're looking at a $5000 bill or more.

That type of pipe has been taken off the "acceptable" list by most Plumbing Codes Departments. It looks like it is made of layers of tarpaper rolled together. Most of it I've seen has become "egg shaped" after a few years. I'd say that you should consider Schedule 40, PVC pipe. It is the best thing going now days.

What part of the country do you live in? Your estimated replacement cost seems a bit high, compared to my area (middle Tennessee). IF the pipe is no deeper than an average of 3' deep in dirt, and using the spoils for backfill, and mound the dirt over trench, the cost should be more like $6 per ft. plus permits and gravel for bedding. You'll need cleanouts at maximum span of 80', beginning 3' from foundation wall.
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