drywell: steel vs. plastic?
Posted by Jack Nemier on November 08, 19100 at 15:17:57:
Thank goodness for the internet, i have found you. I live in an older house build by my inlaws, I have dug
up the drywell wich has been catching only waste water from the kitchen sink for the last 40 years.
I had the 4 ft. steel barrel pumped out. I'm still loooking into why it backed up, clogged drainage holes,
corrosion, just plain old? Anyway, someone had mentioned about replacing the barrel with a plastic barrell
instead. would that work, or is sticking to steel better? Or does this one even need to be replaced if i
scrapped out all the yuck and muck? Thanks , your input would be a great value for I'm a musician
tryig to be the handy man.

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