Update from post on 11/4, leaking bathtub
Posted by Paula Owens on November 08, 19100 at 02:44:09:
Tonight, I went into the basement and pulled back the insulation further around from where the pipes lead up to the bathtub because I now noticed a small puddle of water collecting on the floor outside the tub even when I made sure the shower curtain was sealed so no water could get out. The sub-floor was wet for several feet around where the pipes lead up to the tub. Does that mean the water is seeping up under the tile floor? How could that much water leak from around the shower curtain? I ran only cold water into the tub, no shower running, and waited for the leak to start. I got up into the area, but couldn't tell from how far up the water was leaking. The drain is definitely not leaking. I had thought water was coming from the two small pipes running up to the tub, but I think it is running down onto these pipes. Also, with as much water that's leaking to make the sub-floor wet, something has to be spraying out somewhere, right? It is very difficult to see up because of it being between joists.

I'm probably going to have to call a plumber on Wednesday, but I don't want to be taken for a ride. Can you tell me if you think this is something we can fix ourselves? Do you think the wall behind the tub will have to be cut to get to this or can it be fixed from underneath or inside the tub? Do you still think it could be a leak around the stem? It is a single faucet with shower. The diverter is just below the faucet handle on the face plate. The handle does feel loose (can be moved a little when it is turned on). My husband has not taken anything off to check the hex nut. Do you still think it is the packing nut? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again in advance.

Paula Owens

P. S. Do you know who Ralph Locke is? He e-mailed me and asked if I still hae a leaky tub. I didn't respond.

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