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Posted by Terry Love on November 07, 19100 at 10:58:23:
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: I submitted a comment in regards to an odor problem that we were having with our bathroom sink because of the hair, shaving cream, toothpaste and soap that would lie in the sink trap. I tried all of the following things by running hot water down the sink, tried using house hold bleach, tried using a rubber plunger. But all of these things did not take care of the odor problem. I said to my husband, "Too bad there wasn't a way of flushing out the sink!" Then a brainy idea hit me. "Why don't we try using our garden hose and try flushing out the sludge in the drain. So we ran the hose through our sliding door through the kitchen and then to the bathroom sink. I yelled to my husband to turn on the water at the outside tap, and you wouldn't believe the black gunk that loosened up, and it went down the drain. If we ever have that problem in the future, we will definitely use the old garden hose trick. For anyone who has a similar problem with their sink, give this suggestion a try. We have noticed that the odor problem is gone for now until there is another build up of hair, shaving cream, soap and toothpaste.

Thanks for the good tip on cleaning a bathroom sink. For some reason I never thought of that. I know a lot of gunk is out of reach in the overflow portion of the lav. When drains are replaced on old sinks, you see a lot of it. Terry

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