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Posted by Terry Love on November 07, 19100 at 10:25:00:
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: Hello,
: I just bought a house for the first time. I have just one bathroom. My tub is slow to drain and the
: toilet does not flush properly. I have talked with some buddies and they said to rent a rooter machine.
: I rented one and went through the toilet closet. I got the snake to go the 100' of line I had. When I pulled
: it back I had some roots. I sent it back through and got stopped. When I pulled it back this time the
: blade had mud on it. My house was built in 1967 and I cannot find a cleanout. How can I replace the pipe
: and install a cleanout. I looked at some of the problems others have had and do not know if my city has
: "as-builts" on microfilm as you advised another person.

Call the city. It's either a yes or no thing.

Most install cleanouts outside, and I would guess there is one there now already. Some plumbers have camera's they can run down a line and inspect with. Big dollars to run the equipement, kind of like going in for X-rays, but at least you see what you are dealing with.

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