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Posted by Charles Goodman on November 06, 19100 at 22:21:07:
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: House is 23 years old. I have a Wilkins Pressure Reducing Valve installed approx one foot above the water meter. It has a tag stating Range 25-75, Max Inlet 300. The valve has started to seep very slowly from what appears to be a weep hole. Is it possible to just replace the valve body (internal works)without breaking the lines or must I replace the entire unit? What must be done to check the pressure after the valve is repaired one way or another? In my area, I don't think high pressure is a problem. Thank you.

Your PRV has a hole in the diaphram! That's how the water is seeping thru the top of the unit. You may purchase a "rebuild kit" for the Wilkins at your local plumbing supply house. The "kit" will cost $25 to $30 dollars and is a bit tricky to install the first time. A new PRV will only cost about $32 to $35 and is much easier to install, especially if you have the one with a union on it. The union allows you to simply "unscrew" the old one without cutting the pipe. You can get a pressure gauge that screws onto your outside hydrant and you can adjust your PRV's outlet pressure by using this gauge. Clockwise on the hex bolt (where the weephole is) will raise your pressure. I recommend setting it @ 70psi.
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