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Posted by jeff on November 06, 19100 at 13:19:26:
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: : We have built a new home and have lived there 2 months now. There is a faint septic tank odor outdoors. Is this normal? Is so, are there any countermeasures available to reduce or eliminate the smell? I have a neighbor that says it takes several months for a crest to form over the tank, which will eliminate the odor. Please help!!

: I have also noticed this outside, but our house is 20 yrs old and the septic passed inspection a little over a year ago. Did the inspectors miss anything, or is this normal?

: : I have the solution. is a website which sells a filter for the septic vent stack on the roof. They come in a 3" and 4" model. This will eliminate the odor. I have read that the new "branch venting" method of venting your plumbing system is the root cause for for the odor. It is more cost effective in the building process, but is much less effective @ containing septic odor than the old venting style. Jeff

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