Wonderboard as Art...?
Posted by David on November 06, 19100 at 12:10:13:
I am about to put together a "tile" panel for or pre-school. I am mounting the tile on a full height and width piece (48x60) with a geometric pater that will remove about half of each top and bottom corner. Sort of like a semi-circle.

I am planning on assembling/mounting the tile to the backer while on a 2x4 frame and I will mount to the finished panel to an exterior wall at the school using appropriately spaced Red Head bolts (the building is concrete filled cinder block).

Considering the suggested spacing of screwws (from the tech infor for Wonderboard) and the weight ratings on the Red Heads, I seem to be fine.

Is there anything you would suggest? My only concern at this point is transporting the panel from my shop to the wall.


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