Re: brass fixtures & stains
Posted by Jim K on November 06, 19100 at 08:06:47:
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I believe I am refering to water spots: do ypu know a safe way to remove?

: The fixtures come with an acrylic/epoxy coating to prevent stains. If the faucet is already staining, (i.e., discoloring not water spots), then the coating has been damaged or is defective. Once water and air can reach the brass plating, it is going to discolor and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. And as the brass discolors, it will cause more of the coating to disintegrate and then you get larger spots.

: : Recently installed new brass fixtures (Jado) but am already getting water stains on the brass finish. Jado recommends cleaning with nothing stronger than Windex, but that dosen't remove the stains. What can I safely use? . Our water is quite hard here, but I use a water softner already. Thanks! Jim

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