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: Please help me. Recently, I noticed a stain on the ceiling tile in the basement below the master bathtub. Today I checked it and water was everywhere. The ceiling tile had fallen from the weight of the water. Good thing my furniture wasn't under it. I turned on the faucet to see what happens and without the shower on, only the water running into the bathtub, water seemed to drip from two small pipes leading up to the faucet. I didn't see any water coming from the drain. A few months ago, my husband replaced the diverter in the faucet, but it still leaks into the tub. Can you help me? Thank you very much in advance.

It sounds like you have a leak around the stems. Does the stems (handle fasten to them) seem to be loose when the water is running from that side? Have your husband remove the chrome sleeve around the hot and cold stems, so that you can see the hex nut part of stems. Run the hot and cold water and wiggle the stems. If water is running out near the first nut (packing nut) then the packing nut needs to be tightened until leak stops. Note: if no threads are showing behind the packing nut, the packing needs to be replaced. Take the stem to a Lowes' of Home Depot and let someone in Plumbing help you locate the correct packing for your faucet. Good luck, hope this helps!
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