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Posted by Charles Goodman on November 05, 19100 at 14:19:14:
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: Why does it take so long for the hot water to get to my kitchen faucet? At times, it will take over 60 seconds for the water to get hot enough to wash dishes. My house is VERY small. The kitchen sink is no more than 15' from the water heater. My laundry room is twice as far away, but the hot water gets to it very quickly. What could be the problem?

I think the answer must be configuration, configuration, configuration! Presuming that you have the same size pipe to kitchen sink as to bathroom, and that you have a good similar flow of water from the respective faucets, there has to be a problem in configuration. The hot piping could go to the bathroom first, then branch off, doubling back to kitchen. Give that a check and see if that's the case.
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