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Posted by Jim Clark on November 05, 19100 at 13:36:20:
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I don't think you'll find the book you are looking for. Pros don't consider marble a do-it-yourself material. It's not because we're snobby or afraid you'll put us out of business. It's just that marble and other stones are very tricky to work with.

That out of the way, yes, you must use epoxy for the setting material, and no, you don't need to use epoxy grout. Many varieties of green marble, as well as other "serpentine" varieties, have a tendancy to "curl" when they get wet. So you have to have a completely dry setting bed, and be very careful in using water. A big problem occurs when you have to make a cut on a wet saw. You must let the cut piece dry out completely before setting it.

I wish you luck,

John Bridge

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