Re: roof vent odor
Posted by hj on November 03, 19100 at 22:39:22:
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The vents are doing what they are supposed to do. Allow the plumbing system to breathe. Elbows in the vents will keep things from falling down the pipes but will not keep air from circulating.

: Terry, I've recently purchased a brand new home that occasionaly has a very bad septic odor coming from the roof vents. The house has a septic system, gravity feed with the holding tank about 30 feet from the house . The smell is most noticeable in the late afternoon and at night when the cool moist night air moves in. I've checked the house for running toilets and any leeks that might have accured in the house and found none. I asked the plummer if all vents had elbows and he said yes altough i don,t see any in the attic. HELP!

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