Supply pipe replacement question: copper vs plastic
Posted by Mike on November 03, 19100 at 12:39:41:
This is a repost - no one answered the last time.
COME ON NOW! Someone must have an opinion! :-)

I need to replace the galvanized supply pipe running underground from the street to my house. My plumber has recommended replacing it with "1-inch black plastic pipe". His stated reason for recommending the non-copper pipe is that he says he has found it to be less problematic (kinks, pinches, etc.) than copper pipe, and that he has replaced a lot of fairly new copper pipe recently. He also says that water flows better through the non-copper pipe. He plans to replace the pipe without digging by pulling it into place while pulling out the old pipe.

I am concerned about using non-copper pipe primarily due to the question of longevity. Based on comments I have already read in the forum, I am expecting the recommendation on this board to be to go with copper.

Is there a good website or book that discusses the pros and cons of copper vs non-copper pipe?

If it matters, the home is in Northern New Jersey.

Thanks very much!

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