Re: tankless water heaters- 2 showers at once?
Posted by hj on November 03, 19100 at 08:20:06:
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Their capacity is direction proportional to the size of the gas or electrical input. If the input is not sufficient then either the flow or temperature will be reduced depending on how the unit is controlled. The benefits of a tankless heater compared to their cost and reliablilty normally are only gained if they are installed in the area of the usage to eliminate water draw when opening a hot water faucet. This usally requires multiple units to get the best benefits, but it also increases the costs. In a replacement situation, the electrical supply, or flue if it is a gas unit, is inadequate, and the gas line may be inadequate.
: I'm sold on the long term financial saving of tankless water heaters as well as their reliability
: but can someone who has one let me know if you can take two showers at once or if you can do wash
: & take a shower at the same time?
: Thanks

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