Shower stall drain fitting question
Posted by tony de crescentis on November 02, 19100 at 16:18:16:
I'm a homeowner and trying to replace the upstairs shower (a plastic shower pan with tiled
wall arrangement) with a 2 piece fiberglass unit. I'd rathern not have to cut away the downstairs
stippled ceiling to get access to the floor drain plumbing from underneath the shower stall.
(Reason: this gives much more work in repairing the opening, replacing the stipple, and then
painting the whole ceiling there). But feel that I can prepare the plumbing from the top (access)
by cutting away some plywood flooring, positioning the drain pipe correctly, and then replace the
plywood flooring that was cut away. Then I can set the fiberglass unit in place. The question is
this: does a floor shower drain fitting exist that allows me to connect to the drain pipe (2" PVC)
from the top, without having to gain access from below, AND, is reliable agains leaks? (I'd like it
to last at least 10 years not leaking, if possible). Please help me.
I have purchased two styles, one is: a type made of PVC and of solvent weld connection
to the drain pipe (seems to require access from below to glue the connections between it and
the drain pipe). The other is a cast brass type with an elongated rubber ring seal that fits into
the brass fitting and goes around and seals around the outside of the 2" PVC drain pipe.
(It has a threaded ring that screws into the inside of the drain fitting and pushes down on the
rubber ring so that it tightens against the outside of the 2" PVC down drain pipe. This system
does not seem as watertight as the solvent weld variety). Is there a better system out there
that I can do this job without cutting out the downstairs ceiling to gain access to the plumbing?
Say, a fitting that has a more secure screw in type of arrangement that I can connect to the
drain piping from the top, by, say, a screw-in motion? Please please help me. Thank you
very much. I would also like advice on the cast brass drain fitting I described, please. Is it
reliable, and would you use it in your home. Thank you very very much.
tony de crescentis

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