polybutelene plumbing
Posted by Susan on November 02, 19100 at 09:15:47:
Hi, I have these horrible pb pipes in my house. I went the whole 9 yards to get qualifed for the class
action thought the CPRC and was denied because my house was built in 1985. However, we bought
the house in 1988. This house was a model home and not lived in for 3 years and had NO running
water in it. The inspecter said we qyualify for everything except the time line. He also said we can
appeal, which we will. If anyone out there has this same kind of problem of NOT qualifing and has
appealed and WON, please e-mail me at rmd@azstarnet.com and help me though this awful night-
mare. I can't believe this is happening to everyone. Thanks, Susan...Tucson, AZ

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