nasty house odor
Posted by Kristine Hoffmeister on November 01, 19100 at 18:12:53:
I recently moved into a 30 year old house. On occasion (very random)the entire house smells of a wretched odor. Thinking it was the septic tank, I had it cleaned out. The smell is still there. I thought it was coming from the airducts, had them cleaned. No help. I have no idea what this odor is and I cannot pinpoint it to anything. The smell is not coming from any of the sinks (kitchen or bath.) Some days it is stronger in the livingroom. Other days it seems to come from the basement. I never really smell it on the third floor. The odor comes in dry weather as well as wet weather, could it be the sunpump? Could it be the furnace? It is driving me crazy. Help.

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