Re: joining cement backerboard to drywall-need advice
Posted by John Bridge on November 01, 19100 at 17:03:58:
In response to Re: joining cement backerboard to drywall-need advice

There are two ways to go about this. If you install the backer board to the studs as you are suggesting, you should put some horizontal crosspieces between the studs for backing. The cement board will flex quite a bit if you don't.

I would use plastic sheeting or 15 lb. felt on the studs under the backer. Make the joint at the top so that it ocurrs a couple inches below the point where the tile will stop. Tape that joint like you will tape the other joints in the backer.

A better method is to sheet the whole wall with greenrock. Then apply the moisture barrier and the backer over the sheetrock in the area you intend to tile. Use radius bullnose (A-4200) at the edges and the top instead of the flat trim you would use otherwise. The greenrock backs up the backer board and keeps it from flexing. Further, since the tile installation is away from the wall, you can't tell it from a real "mud job."


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