Venting for bathroom fan
Posted by Ralph on October 31, 19100 at 23:08:32:
I want to install a ventilation fan in my upstairs bath. I would install a vent in the soffet, but there is no overhang on my house - the gutter runs right up to the siding.

The attic (unheated) has gable-end vents. Could I just run the exhaust from the fan over to a fitting on the gable end? It would be a run of about 15 feet. Since I live in a cold climate (New England), I would use insulated pipe to reduce condensation. I also figure it would make sense to have the exhaust pipe run vertically right out of the fan, then slope down slightly on the way to the vent. That way any condensation would run out instead of back into the fan. Does this make sense, or should I try a different solution for venting?

Also - I would like to avoid adding a draft to the bathroom - what are some ways to avoid having a draft from the ventilation fan when it's not in use? I know there are self-closing fittings for the vent where it meets the outside, but I'd like something even more secure, even if it cost a few extra $$.


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