joining cement backerboard to drywall-need advice
Posted by Stephen on October 31, 19100 at 11:00:53:
I am going to be tiling our bathroom wall arond the bathtub which I am currently installing. I only want to tile up the bathroom walls around the tub up to about 6 feet in height and then use green sheetrock for the remaining 2 feet up to the ceiling. I have a couple of questions:

1) Do I need to prepare the cement board or existing studs in any way. For example, can I just attach the cement backerboard directly to the studs and then attach the tiles to the backerboard, or do I need a plastic sheet (vapour barrier) between the studs and the backerboard. Anything else or the steps involved if I do it this way?

2) For the seam where the cement backerboard meets the drywall closer to the ceiling, I was planning on having the tile come close to or exactly at the height on the wall where the cement board ends and the drywall begins. Is there some special preparation work that needs to be done where the cement board meets the drywall, or can I just use the normal drywall mud that you would use to cover up screwholes and normal drywall joints and tape the joint. The reason I ask is the texture of the 2 surfaces is quite a bit different and if I don't get the tiles even with the top of the cement board, then you will see the seam where the two types of boards meet.

Any help would be god as i will probably be performing this task in the next few days.


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