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The heater has to replenish any heat loss. If the lines are not insulated, since water is flowing through them constantly, heat is continually being lost. Insulation will minimize that heat loss and thus the demand on the boiler. It is not as great a factor on non-circulated systems, since you are evacuating the cooled water when you start the water flow. But it still happens, the difference being that the heat loss only occurs on the water that is static in the pipe, and part of the initial hot water has to warm up the pipe as it flows through it. In your case, the hot water flowing through the pipe is warming the environment, i.e., the basement, attic, or under slab, depending on where the feed and return lines are located. That heat is lost unless it is in a living space that needs a little boost. There is really no pipe that "does not need insulation", it is just that some do not need it as much as others.

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: What I actually have is a boiler system that has a Amtrol Hot Water Maker Attached to it. The boiler also runs some wirsbo heat. Our house is a brand new house. I am sure there is no leaks as the pressure in the boiler does not drop. When I put a chart recorder on the boiler to see how often it runs, it makes a full cycle about every 45 minutes to an hour. Telling me that the water maker has dropped ten degrees in that time. Amtrol says if not using water it should only drop 1 degree every hour. My plumber tells me that the water recirc line does not need to be insulated. My Amtrol tank is 80 gals and when I turn it off and watch the water temp it drops about 15 degrees in an hour. That is with no one using hot water.

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