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Posted by hj on October 31, 19100 at 00:10:10:
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If the bottom of the tub sits on the floor, then you do not need any additional support. Most of those tubs have the bottom anywhere from 1" to 3" above the floor and thus need something to fill the void.

: I am going to be installing a new acrylic tub but I did not notice in any of the instructions (of which they are brief anyway) about using a mortar base underneath the tub.
: All the instructions say to do is to make sure the floor is level and that there is adequate support underneath to support the weight. The bottom of the bathtub already comes with a built in wooden bottom support that seems designed to support the weight.
: The bathtub is a Venco acrylic soaker tub measuring 72 inches long by 32 inches wide and has a skirt attached. The bathtub will be screwed into the wall on 3 sides first. Do I need to worry about the tub flexing at all or any other problems? I was thinking about lining the underside with normal insulation to help keep the heat in the tub but they didn't indicate anything about a mortar base and nobody else i know has done this, although their bathtubs are all 60 inches in length, not 72 inches like my tub.

: Stephen

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