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Posted by hj on October 29, 19100 at 23:24:47:
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It is yellow polyethylene pipe. The fittings are either fused or special compression sleeved. You need special risers at each end of the pipe. It is a case of there not being a lot of difference in cost between a short pipe and a long one. I do not know the labor costs in your area, but around here, assuming the ground is not rocky or difficult digging, it would normally run about $600.00.

: I am trying to get a gas line from the meter to a pool heater. The run is about 15 feet.
: The heather is 405,000BTU. I have been given a prive of $900 (includes the $45 permit). Since I do 99% of
: all household jobs, I feel that this is about $700 over priced. After checking around, it is close to other
: compnay's pricing. My REAL QUESTION is, what is required for underground GAS LINES? I have
: looked for days on the internet for some guidlines. The only thing I now so far is that 1inch pipe
: is the right size and that is goes in some type of plastic with a wire around it and placed in sand.
: Can you direct me a little? I'm lost....

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