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Posted by hj on October 27, 19100 at 23:30:12:
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Once the valve is installed there is no reason to remove it. And you do not want to use compression fittings inside the walls. Use 3/4" X 1/2" reducers, reducing elbows, or male adapters whichever works best for you.
: I am plumbing a new bathroom for our house. I bought a Grohe thermostatic valve, for the bath and shower.
: This valve has 1/2" FIP inputs and output. I have my two water lines coming off the floor, both 3/4... now what?
: What type of fitting do I use to adapt the copper tubing to the (brass) valve body? Simple male thread? That would mean that once the valve is installed, I cannot remove it short of cutting the supply lines?
: Or use a MIP to compression adapter? I would need soft copper tubes for that, right? Hard copper and compression angle stop.

: Also, what is typically used for the sink and toilet angle stop? Soft copper and compression angle stop, or 90 ell, brass tube and threaded angle stop?

: Thanks.

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