Re: Tub Caulk: Silicone vs. Latex?
Posted by John Bridge on October 27, 19100 at 22:01:48:
In response to Re: Tub Caulk: Silicone vs. Latex?
Silicone is great, but as you mentioned, it doesn't come in all the colors acrylic comes in. Further, latex (acrylic) is much more user friendly, inasmuch as it cleans up with water.

My advice: use acrylic. Have a bucket of water and a sponge handy. Squeeze the caulking into the joint and push it in by running your finger along it. This is where a lot of people stop, but the job isn't finished.

Wring the sponge out and wipe it along the joint repeatedly, rinsing and wringing it on each pass. Soon you will notice the joint evening out and becoming attractive, and there will no longer be residue on the tile and tub. This is how the pros do it.

The further advantage of acrylic is that it can be removed when it fails, as it surely will despite what manufacturers might otherwise tell you. Removing silicone caulking is nearly impossible. Stick with the acrylic, and replace it from time to time.


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