Rough in of shower/tub valve
Posted by Guillaume Desmarets on October 27, 19100 at 17:08:15:
I am plumbing a new bathroom for our house. I bought a Grohe thermostatic valve, for the bath and shower.
This valve has 1/2" FIP inputs and output. I have my two water lines coming off the floor, both 3/4... now what?
What type of fitting do I use to adapt the copper tubing to the (brass) valve body? Simple male thread? That would mean that once the valve is installed, I cannot remove it short of cutting the supply lines?
Or use a MIP to compression adapter? I would need soft copper tubes for that, right?

Also, what is typically used for the sink and toilet angle stop? Soft copper and compression angle stop, or 90 ell, brass tube and threaded angle stop?


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