Tub Caulk: Silicone vs. Latex?
Posted by Dean Smith on October 27, 19100 at 10:42:42:
I'm finally wrapping up my bathroom job, and I'm wondering what the consensus is on the best caulking for a tub/shower enclosure? I've always used silicone in re-caulking tubs, but I was hoping to match my Mapei "silver" (light grey) grout. Mapei only makes latex (acrylic?) caulk, but I think latex caulks are a lot tougher than they used to be (especially one made FOR tubs, like Mapei), so I'm thinking about giving it a try. Is this a wise decision? Are there better brands of latex OR silicone caulk out there that would compliment my grout (it doesn't have to be a PERFECT match!)?

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