Posted by hj on October 27, 19100 at 03:25:29:
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Are these common appliance regulators or the proper pounds to inches regulators. If they are the former, then they should lock up and not let any gas through at any pressure greater than one psi. If this is the case and you have a 3/8" line supplying them then when the furnace comes on there is not enough gas so the pressure drops below one pound and the stove can operate, but there is not enough to supply everything so the fourth burner is being starved or all the burners lose some of their flame. When the furnace goes off the pressure starts to rise again, but since the stove is drawing some gas, it does not lock up entirely, but lets a small amount of gas through. When the stove is turned off, the full pressure returns and the process starts all over again.

: ...a copper line carrying NG at 2PSI couples to 1/2" black iron where it 1/2" feed of 5" into a regulator and a furnace...the other 1/2" feed runs 5' and elbows to connect to a regulator feeding a stove top. The furnace works fine. The stove will not even get enough gas to light...unless the furnace is on...then all four burners will light immediately, but the fourth burner causes a sound which I am presuming is the regulator not getting enough guess for the fourth burner...when the furnace goes off, the burner flame drops to a minimum, but stay lit...I do not understand and will have to wait 2 weeks before anyone suggested by the gas company can make an appointment to do the work...Also, why would Whirlpool say that a 3/4" pipe needs to be run to the 3/8" pipe leading into the regulator at the stove top? This is very confusing :o/

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